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We've got some early downloads available, have a look at the releases page. View on GitHub

Welcome to Limpet

Welcome to the Lightweight InforMation ProcEssing Toolkit - Limpet.

July 2017

There has been a large block of development during the summer, which included the addition of support for 2-dimensional datasets. Read more about the new capabilities here

April 2017

An emergent requirement meant that Limpet needs to be able to index data by quantities other than time. Support for time-series has been sufficient for all tasks we asked of Limpet so far, but now we need to support data indexed by distance (as with a weather balloon ascent). Read more about supporting non time-series data here. For this new support we've adopted the Eclipse January project.

December 2015

We've now got working software for you to play with. Learn how to download, install and get started with the application here

August 2015

Things are pretty embryonic right now - we're still going through high level requirements collection,. But, we hope to motor on through the high level questions, discussions, plans, designs, and get into some nice iterative/agile progress in early September.

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