15.3. Storing Chart Folios

As well as supporting the drag/drop (see Section 10.2, “Loading data”) of chart data directly into a Debrief plot, Debrief supports the concept of a Chart Folio. Such a chart folio must adhere to specific layout conditions in order for Debrief to understand it.


The chart folio is contained in a single folder, with the folder named according to the geographic area covered (since this is the name offered to the user)


The folder must contain a shapefile named rasterExtents_ARCS_Export.shp

. This shapefile must contain a series of rectangle geometries - one for each chart in the folio. Each rectangle must have a property named the_geom that contains the coordinates, and one called Name that contains the filename of the respective chart.

Chart images

The folder must also contain a series of Tif images with supporting .prj sidecar files. (Note: the folios received from UKHO in Autumn 2011 do not contain sidecar fiels. Debrief generates the missing sidecar files as necessary. This is acceptable for UKHO charts, which follow a particular standard - one cannot assume it non UKHO charts follow the same standard).