16.5. Multipath analysis datafiles

16.5.1. Introduction
16.5.2. SVP file
16.5.3. Time delays file

16.5.1. Introduction

The Multi Path Analysis view (see Section 11.2.7, “Multipath analysis”) allows a target depth to be estimated by visually aligning a calculated set of time delays with a measured set. This view requires two additional data files to be loaded. Both of these files are in textual csv format.

16.5.2. SVP file

The Sound Velocity Profile file is a two-column csv text file:


floating point depth (m)

sound speed

floating point sound speed (m/s)

16.5.3. Time delays file

The time-delays data file is a multi-column csv text file:


Series of fields recording date and time (including milliseconds) of observation


floating point time delay (mSecs)


ignored in current implementation

Note, you can determine the timestamp using the unix timestamp web site.