21.4. Other DIS specifics


A value of 1 denotes Platform, 2 denotes Munitions (Torpedo symbol), 8 for countermeasures, 101 the TMA track of interest (OSAT) and 102 other TMA tracks. Periods where a TMA track is denoted OSAT have fixes highlighted in a lighter shade (orange)


0 for Other (sonar buoys), 3 for Surface (Frigate symbol), 4 for Sub-surface (submarine symbol), 6 for Torpedo


0 for Other (Orange), 1 for Friendly (Blue), 2 for Opposing (Red), 3 for Neutral (Green)

Stop Reason

1 for Freeze (Pause), 2 for Stop (all complete), 7 for Iteration complete

Stop PDU Request ID

The total number of iterations performed

Start PDU Request ID

The id number of this iteration