Chapter 20. System Documentation for DIS integration

Table of Contents

20.1. Introduction
20.1.1. DIS Standard
20.1.2. Adding support for further DIS message types
20.2. Command line options
20.3. Messages supported
20.4. Other DIS specifics

20.1. Introduction

Debrief is able to integrate with network simulators that adhere to the DIS protocol. Debrief is able to receive a set of DIS messages (see Section 20.3, “Messages supported”). Debrief is also able to send StartResume and StopFreeze messages along the link. User support is provided both in the form of a Debrief tutorial, and here in the user guide (see Chapter 13, Support for DIS Protocol).

20.1.1. DIS Standard

Debrief supports version 6 of the DIS standard (Version 6 - IEEE 1278.1a-1998 (amendment to IEEE 1278.1-1995)), as implemented by the Open Source OpenDis project:

In practice, the version of OpenDis used will be updated to the most recent release each time the code in Debrief' DIS plugin receives maintenance attention.

20.1.2. Adding support for further DIS message types

The following steps should be taken to support new DIS message types:

  1. Introduce a new listener interface for the new message (similar to IDISFireListener)

  2. Extend DISModule to allow listeners for the message to be managed

  3. Extend DISModule to introduce a new handler method for this message (similar to handleFire)

  4. Extend the logPDU method of DISModule listen for this message, and pass it to the handler

  5. Introduce a new file listener for the event (like FireFileListener), and add it to HeadlessDISLogger

  6. Introduce a new Debrief listener for the event (like DebriefFireListener), and add it to DISListenerView

  7. Extend the list of messages supported (Section 20.3, “Messages supported”