3. Debrief users

Whilst Debrief was originally developed for use within the Maritime Warfare Centre, the switch to Open Source licensing has led to its adoption by the following organisations and companies:

Table 1. List of acknowledged Debrief users

Original Debrief project sponsor.

                      Lt Cdr David Whitehouse RN
                      Maritime Warfare Centre
                      Marlborough Building, HMS Collingwood
                      Fareham, HANTS
                       PO14 1AS
                      United Kingdom

Debrief Project Manager.

                    Mr Ian Mayo
                    Deep Blue C Technology Ltd
                    Fareham, HANTS
                    United Kingdom


                      Submarine Development Squadron Twelve
                      Naval Submarine Base New London
                      Groton, CT, 06349-5200

Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)

                      Roger Howlett 
                      Code 2212 Combat Systems
                      ICE Development Team Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) 1176 Howell St
                      Bldg 1171 CSTL Laboratory
                      Newport, Rhode Island, USA

                      Joe Sileo
                      COMSUBPAC Tactical Analysis Group (N7231)
                      Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet
                      1430 Morton St, Bldg 619
                      Pearl Harbor
                      HI 96860-4664

                      Jay Spry
                      COMSEVENTHFLT/COMSUBGRU 7 

If your organisation or company uses Debrief and wishes to be included as an acknowledged user please forward your details to the Debrief Project Manager as recorded above.