Table of Contents

1. Welcome
2. History
2.1. Prehistory
2.2. The Switch to Open Source
2.3. Debrief 2001 onwards
3. Debrief users
4. Document conventions

1. Welcome

Welcome to the documentation for Debrief NG. Debrief was developed by the Maritime Warfare Centre in Portsmouth UK in the mid 90's, to support the analysis and reporting of maritime tactical exercises.


There's lots more Debrief goodness on the Debrief Home Page:

In December 2000 the Maritime Warfare Centre decided to give Debrief an Open Source status, opening the application and its source code into the public domain. Debrief has been made Open Source to facilitate its wider use, encouraging adoption of standard file formats, presentation and practices between analysis agencies.

Debrief provides the following features:

  • 2-Dimensional (top-down) view of vessel tracks

  • Ability for user to step-through exercise serials

  • Full formatting of data presented on screen

  • Palette of tactical, vector map and chart-related features for insertion onto plot

  • Export of plot images for insertion into word processor

  • X-Y plotting of relationships between tracks

  • 3-Dimensional view of tracks using height/depth data

  • Gridded database of bathymetry/elevation

  • Display of time-stamped text and sensor data