Chapter 8. Exercise planning

Table of Contents

8.1. Introduction
8.2. Creating tracks
8.3. Manipulating tracks
8.4. XY plots of planning tracks

8.1. Introduction

In Spring 2012 Debrief received extensions in order to support exercise planning. An analyst is able to generate tracks within Debrief, replay those tracks to verify time/spatial constaints, and finally export the run-plan to MS Word via the clipboard.

The exercise planning tracks are generated in a new track-like entity. This new entity has an origin and a start date/time. These provide a quick way of changing the location and/or the start time for a set of vessel runs. The legs generated for a track represent straight line legs for a platform. Each leg is stored according to a demanded course and a leg-length. Leg-length is specified according to one of these calculation models:


The time travelled along the leg is deterlimed by the time leg length (range) / speed


The leg length is determined by the distance travelled in the specified time at the specified speed


The speed along the leg is determined by the speed necessary to travel the specified distance in the specified time.

Thus, changing one of the two named parameters will result in the third parameter getting a calculated value.