8.3. Manipulating tracks

One you've created one or more track legs you can start editing them. There are four ways to edit a leg:

Properties Window

Select a leg in the Outline View, and you'll see the leg properties in the Properties window. Note the Calculation field, this indicates which two fields are used to specify the leg length. As you'll see, you can also amend the leg name, the course, and the depth for that leg.

Outline View

Right-clicking on a leg in the Outline View lets you quickly edit some of the leg parameters

Dragging objects on the plot

There are two ways of dragging to edit a planning track. You can select Drag Whole Feature , and then drag the whole planning track to move it, or select Drag Component and then drag an end of a track leg to rotate it.


It isn't possible to drag to change the length of a leg - since it's unclear which of the two attributes in that segments calculation model the user intends to change.

Using the Grid editor

If you open the Grid Editor (See Section 3.8, “Using the Grid Editor”) you can view your set of legs in tabular form

Note also that the Grid Editor toolbar includes an Export to Clipboard function that will copy your legs to the clipboard in CSV format