14.4. Debrief across the Internet

14.4.1. Installing Debrief
14.4.2. Keeping your Debrief installation up to date

This section provides guidance on maintenance of Debrief installations for users with world wide web (Internet) access.

14.4.1. Installing Debrief

Debrief can be downloaded via the downloads page at the Debrief site (http://sf.net/projects/debrief). Be warned, because the full install is getting on for 150 Mb in size. If you aren't able to perform such a download, or you need a formal copy for your IS/IT department please send an e-mail request to the project manager (see Table 1, “List of acknowledged Debrief users”), and a CD-based copy will be forwarded to you via snail mail.

14.4.2. Keeping your Debrief installation up to date

The development of the Debrief application is ongoing throughout the year. Occasionally particular users have new requirements, or bugs are found. Normally, only users working in related areas are informed about new features or minor bugs that only occur when performing that particular type of analysis. Where new features relate to a wide body of users , or where a significant bug is fixed, e-mails are sent out to the Debrief user mailing list.

Don't worry about always having the newest version of Debrief. Most software changes only apply to a small portion of the software and don't justify the upgrade effort. If, however, a Debrief fix applies specifically to your work, you should follow these steps to upgrade your Debrief installation:

Searching for software updates

  1. Select Help/Software Updates/Find and install.

  2. Select Search for updates of the currently installed features, then Next.

  3. Follow the instructions provided to view what updates are available, select any relevant ones (though you can't really go wrong in retrieving all of them), and install them. Easy.

Now, Debrief may now have found any updates. Hey, maybe there weren't any. But maybe Debrief's not looking in the right place. If no updates are found, follow these steps to ensure the Debrief update server is configured:

  1. Select Help/Software Updates/Find and install.

  2. Select Search for new features to install

  3. You will see a list of download sites. If there isn't one with a name you associate with Debrief, select New Remote Site....

  4. A file dialog will open. In it, enter Debrief update site for the Name, and http://debrief.sourceforge.net/eclipse/ for the URL. Now, from the list of update sites, ensure Debrief update site is ticked, but not the others (since they rely on an internet connection).

  5. Now you should be able to perform the search for software updates again (see Searching for software updates).