Chapter 10. Using chart backdrops

Table of Contents

10.1. Introduction
10.1.1. File types
10.2. Loading data

10.1. Introduction

VPF and ETOPO (see Chapter 7, External datasets) can only add so much context to the analysis of a dataset. Nautical Chart data contains a large volume of additional infromation that can assist analysis. Debrief supports chart data distributed by UKHO, though the standards used also allow chart from other sources to be incorporated. The chart support in Debrief is provided through integration of GeoTools library (see Chapter 18, GeoTools in Debrief).

Figure 10.1. Chart data in Debrief

Chart data in Debrief

10.1.1. File types

Debrief supports the following types of chart data:

World Image file (.tif)

A raster chart image, with reference coordinates stored in a supporting .prj file

Esri Shapefiles (.shp)

A binary file adhering to the Esri open specification

Beyond specific file types, Debrief recognises chart folios distributed by UKHO. Where these folios are configured within Debrief users are able to view the spatial extents of available charts - loading them as necessary.