Chapter 2. Moving around the view

Table of Contents

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Mouse mode buttons
2.3. Click buttons
2.4. Chart Overview
2.5. Undo
2.6. Formatting the plot

2.1. Introduction

Once data is loaded into Debrief, there are a number of ways of controlling the view of the track data, but the most efficient way is by using the buttons on the View toolbar:

Figure 2.1. View toolbar

View toolbar


For most of Debrief's operations (such as adding drawing features) it needs to have an area to work with. When re-opening an existing plot file, or importing data, Debrief determines the area covered by the plot from the given data. However, when starting a new, blank session, Debrief doesn't know what area to use and defaults to its own origin at Fort Blockhouse, HMS Dolphin, Portsmouth, United Kingdom: the plot will be centred on 50 degrees 49 minutes North, 1 degree 19 minutes West (approx).