2.3. Click buttons

The remaining buttons on the View toolbar differ from the previous ones in that they don't involve mouse interaction with the plot, and selecting one of these doesn't deselect the already selected mouse mode button.

Zoom out

If you click on the Zoom out button, you will "zoom out" of the plot (surprise, surprise). However, as mentioned in the brief introduction (above), if the Zoom in button is already selected, selecting Zoom out doesn't deselect it - they're designed to work in conjunction with each other. You click on Zoom out as many times as is required and, as soon as you stop, you can then drag an area to zoom in on and work. If you have a wheel-mouse, holding the Ctrl key down allows you to zoom in or out, as described above in Toggle Buttons.

Fit to Window

Clicking on Fit to Window will display all currently visible plot data within the confines of the plot area. This is good if you're zoomed in too far and need to see all the data, a single click will zoom out so you can see all visible information; conversely, if you've zoomed out too far, and the plot shapes are mere pin-pricks, a single click will zoom in, fill your plot, and allow you to see exactly what you have displayed. Note, this operation only applies to visible data, not that there may be data on the plot which is not visible (hidden layers). In addition, this phenomenon relates to the data once you have pressed "Filter to time period" from the Time Controller - the plot is resized to fit the data contained in the indicated time period (you'll learn about this later in Section, “Filter to time period”).

Refresh View

This button refreshes the current view. Refreshing is occasionally required when switching between display modes.