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Debrief Instructional Videos

Debrief Instructional Videos: Part 2

This page contains video play-throughs of the Debrief tutorials. The following videos correspond to the TMA Skills document. If you’ve haven’t progressed to this tutorial, you can find the Getting Started videos page for the relevant videos. There are currently 5 tutorials, broken down into 22 videos, with more videos to come soon. These videos use test data to demonstrate how to use various Debrief functions and features. The data is included with all copies of Debrief so you can easily follow along.

Tutorial 4 – Single Sided Reconstruction

We’ll now start going into more advanced Debrief features.This fourth tutorial series will look at Single Sided Reconstruction or SSR. We recommend you go over the previous tutorials, especially tutorial 3, before starting this, if you haven’t already.

4.01 -Grooming Data

The first video will show you how to groom the data so analysis is possible.

We’ll start by showing you how to configure Debrief for SSR, and then we’ll move to generating, editing and filtering track data.

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4.02 – Preferences

This video will demonstrate how to groom sensor data – ready for production and target motion analysis (TMA) tracks.

We’ll show you how to filter out ambiguous data, how to edit raw sensor data, and how to smoothen resulting tracks.

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4.03 – Generate Target Tracks

This video will show you how to generate a target track from sensor data.

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4.04 – Merging Tracks

The final video of this tutorial will show how to merge target tracks created from sensor data.

This includes generating infill segments and merging tracks.

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Tutorial 5 – Semi Automatic Track Construction

Our fifth tutorial deals with Semi Automatic Track Construction, or SATC for short. This is an advanced tutorial and makes use of many of the more complex functions built into Debrief. If you are unable to follow the tutorial please consider running through the previous tutorials.

5.01 -Singleleg SATC

This video will introduce you to SATC, and demonstrate how to generate a TMA solution for a singleleg track.

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5.02 – Multileg SATC

The second SATC video will demonstrate generating a TMA solution for a multileg track.

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