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New Feature in development: Analyse a video feed synced with the track plot

Posted June 29, 2018,
by Ian Mayo

Analysts said they wanted to analyse a video feed synced with the track plot so that they have more context to the tracks they’re analysing. Well we’ve been working on just that. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think. What other features do you want to see?

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Using Debrief on GitHub

Posted January 20, 2016,
by Russ Crowley

Debrief is Hosted on Github Debrief is hosted on a platform/repository called GitHub. If you’re familiar with GitHub, that’s great; but if you’re not, then we have created some blog posts to help you get up to speed fast. I don't know about you, but whenever I start with something new I'm eager to get...

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